Kyle D. Walker

author and musician


Books and Such

I've written a lot.  I'm only just now getting around to publishing some of it.  But whatever stuff I turn into print (or just think you'll enjoy), I'll put it here.
Cover of The Legend of  Edgar Willoughby

The Legend of Edgar Willoughby

Sammy O'Gorman is a kid with imagination issues who thinks that getting through the seventh grade is hard enough already. But when Edgar Willoughby - by far the strangest boy in school - starts following Sammy around and telling him about ancient curses and inevitable death matches, Sammy's life starts to get more complicated than he could have imagined.  Set in the 70s and told with humor and suspense, The Legend of Edgar Willoughby dances along the boundary between madness and magic in a story that will keep you wondering until the end.

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Seether's Curse

This one is being reviewed by the editor.  Once that's done, I'll start seeking publication.  This is a story set in Iron Age Denmark and tells of young Wiglaf who happens to be the cousin of the famous Beowulf.  Yes, there are monsters.

Stay  tuned...


This is a collection of poems and song lyrics I've written over the years. Click here to get the PDF version

Free (until I get famous, right?)

My Songs

I haven't recorded all my songs, but here is a sampling of the ones I feel deserve to be heard by others. It's all been recorded in bedrooms and basements with my own gear and my own meager skills, so... well, there you are.  As for genre, while I tend to fall somewhere between folk and soft rock, I also dabble in electronica.  So one song on this list is likely to sound very different from its neighbors.